Tired of playing the same old card games? Shuffle up the deck and download Pirachi, a new addictive card game app that will have you debating strategy. Similar to Solitaire and Free Cell, this game is hard to master, but rewarding when conquered. To win, you'll need to balance both skill and luck, while using the undo button when it matters most.

Download it now on your iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store using the 'DOWNLOAD NOW' link above.
Put all face cards in their matching spots and match all other pairs to clear the board.
Drag the card to an empty spot. Face cards must be dropped in their matching spots.
Queens must be placed in the Q spots.
Kings must be placed in the K spots.
Tap on two non-face cards of the same number to open their spots for the next deal.
Tapping on both 2's will clear the spots for the next deal.
Tapping on both 3's will clear the spots for the next deal.
Not having any pairs to match or a slot for a face card to deal will result in failure.
There are no J spots open, so the Jack being dealt is stuck.
There are no pairs, so no spots can be opened for the next deal.
All face cards are in the correct spots and all pairs have been matched!
Traffic got you down - just SMASH it. Boulders in the road? You got a heat missile for that. Police cars shooting at you? Toss a grenade in their path. Helicopters dropping bombs? Jump off that ramp and take 'em down mid-air. Watch out for fire. If it gets too hot on the track, drive through water to cool off.

Pick up weapons on each track to smash whatever stands in your way. Use your weapons wisely to get the maximum amount of points and you'll soon be sporting a gold medal around your neck. Find the cow that wandered onto each track, smash it, and send it back to pasture where it belongs.

Use one thumb as your steering wheel and your other thumb to deploy weapons and turbo charge your car.

16 FREE levels and NO distracting ads. It's just pure smashing fun.
(please excuse the audio lag)
How to play:
To steer, slowly drag your finger across the screen.
Tap the screen left or right to turn quickly.
Drive over weapons on the road or in the air. They have a green orbit.
Weapons are placed in your inventory, to use against the track objects.
Tap the throw pad to shoot the weapons straight.
Hold down the throw pad and slide your finger to aim and guide the weapons at the cars and other course objects.
Tap the turbo button to gain speed and points. Smash as many objects as possible to receive a gold medal.
Hit the cow on each level for extra points.
Fire will slowly destroy your health.
Drive through water to extinguish the fire and gain points.
Drive off ramps or use the spring weapon to jump in the air.
Heat missiles will stay suspended when throwing them mid-jump or mid-spring.